Portal Field Day

Portal Field Day
August 10, 2024

Age Divisions:

5 & under, 6 – 9, 10 – 13, 14 – 16, 17 – 19, 20 – 49, 50+,

and some events will have mixed ages


TBA– Registration/Ticket Sales Start

TBA– Let the Games Begin!


3-Legged Race – 2 tickets (1 ticket per person)

Pairs of participants running with the left leg of one runner strapped to the right leg of another runner.

Sack Race – 1 ticket

Participants place both of their legs inside a sack that reaches their waist and hop forward from the start line toward a finish line.

Wheelbarrow Race – 2 tickets (1 ticket per person)

The driver picks up the wheelbarrow’s ankles and the wheelbarrow lift’s themselves onto their hands or arms and tries to race to the finishing line. The pair that cross the finishing line first win.

Shoe Kick – 1 ticket

Start on a line with 1 shoe unlaced and dangling from your foot. At a signal, kick your shoe as far as you can.

Egg & Spoon Race – 1 ticket

Participants must balance an egg upon a spoon and race with it to the finishing line.


Water balloon Toss – 2 tickets (1 ticket per person)

Pair up and at a given signal toss the water balloon to each other. Keep moving back on a cue until everyone is eliminated by their water balloon breaking


Water Bucket Relay – 4 tickets (1 ticket per person)

The first player on each team will fill their Bucket with water and race it to the empty bucket. Next, they will empty the water into the empty bucket and then race back to the original “full” bucket.

Tug-Of-War Tournament – 5 people per team max

Two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line.


Farm Chore Race

Collect the eggs, milk the cow, do the wash, harvest the garden, ride to town, mail a letter, pick up a book from the library, and return to home.


All Day Activities

Duck Pond – 1 Ticket

Kids can win a small prize from choosing a duck with a number on the bottom from the pond

Hopscotch – Free

Different patters will be drawn on the Sidewalks between the Sautter House and Portal School

Chalk – Free

A bucket of Chalk will be available for people to use



PAHS will have hot dogs, chips, and bottled water;

Papillion Job’s Daughters will have walking tacos, and baked goods.

All will be available throughout the day using tickets.



Tickets will be available for purchase at the head table the day of the event.

Ticket prices will be announced later

Cash, check, or Venmo will be accepted. Proceeds will go to the Papillion Area Historical Society. The proceeds from Papillion Job’s Daughter’s table will go towards The HIKE Fund, Inc.


This event is hosted by the Papillion Area Historical Society and Papillion Public Library since 2023.