The Board

Papillion Area Historical Society, Sautter Farmhouse


Ashley Bohl, President

Cindy Mahanes, Vice-President

Julie Kasun, Secretary

Bobby Larsen, Treasurer



Ann Saarela

Shirley Ertz

Bob Olsen

Ben Justman


4 thoughts on “The Board

  1. I wonder how I can purchase a copy of Sheelytown, signed if possible.

    I cannot find it in The Bookworm catalog or online at Amazon and I cannot attend tomorrow evening.

    Thank you

  2. Hello. I am a collector of postal history featuring butterflies. I was wondering if you had any historical letters or postmarks with the “Papillion Creek” cancellation? Also, if you knew of any for sale I would be very happy to add it to my international thematic philatelic exhibit.

    Thank you,

    Greg Herbert, DVM

    1. I don’t believe we do, we haven’t had very many letter donated for us to take care of. You could try the Sarpy County Museum.

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